Today Jet Li suffers a lot from the injuries from excessive Gongfu performance from the past. When the doctor told him to make a choice of fame/money vs. health/family, he chose health and family without hesitation. Today he gives speeches to help people to make the right decision in life but not to repeat the mistake he made.
Yes, Jet Li is no longer young, sharp and fantastic as we remember from his movie, indeed he’s getting old and suffer a lot of physical pains, but aren’t we all getting old every day; now a day the reality also reminds us we are no longer young, beautiful or powerful as we were young before.  Let’s ask few critical questions:
  1. How many top executives and/or rich people have no fear for their future? 
  2. What do people really have under the surface of young, beautiful appearance, pride and confidence because of wealth, name, young and active physical conditions?

We all made many mistakes in life, it is useless to look backwards and sigh, it’s more important for us to challenge ourselves with the following questions:
  1. What have we learnt from the past?
  2. What are we going to do to make a change?
  3. What of future we plan for ourselves and what are we going to do, starting from today?
Today we can only appreciate Jet Li’s outstanding Gongfu performance from movies he made in the past, and we are grateful for those beautiful memories.  Let’s learn to listen the message he tries to share with us and take actions to make a change in our life. 
Learn to relax and being able to maintain a good alignment are not just important in the practice of Taiji, Qigong or Gongfu, actually this learning could and should be able to apply in daily life.

There are many useful wisdom we can learn from tea, but if we couldn’t put the simple attitude of honesty and respect in tea selection or giving advice and perform in each tea brewing, then what do we really know about tea and what do we really respect from the wisdom of tea?

The same question applies also to other practices in life, including Taiji, Qigong or other things we like to enjoy. We can talk a lot, but nothing will happen if we couldn’t act on it.