In a Gongfu Cha group one who worries about caffeine consumption asked what to do with Gongfu style in the late evening.

I am too very sensitive with caffeine especially with coffee, but seldom suffer this problem when enjoying Chinese traditional brewing tea late in the evening There are three basic things that I would like to share to consider to clarify this question:

  1. Gongfu style does not mean high caffeine if you used the right quality and brew it right
  2. Strong astringency or bitter taste =/= Gongfu style
  3. If you are very sensitive with caffeine, then should consider health first, the Gongfu style of tea can wait till next day.

I can make a list for traditional Oolong that offer us various unique flavours and taste and after taste, but bitterness definitely shouldn’t be one on the list if you have good pure quality and breq it right. Besides, you always have time to enjoy a quality tea time.

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