In a exploration and documentation program of Simon Reeve on Canvas tonight, one  Irish organic farmer has drew the perfect definition for Organic Farming:

Organic farming is not just about environmental concerns, but most importantly are about commitments to ethics, integrity and morals

We can and certainly should extend this definition to what a good person means – it is not just about behaviors and manners, but most importantly are the underlined respects and practices of Ethics, Integrity and Morals in everyday’s life.

With the same principles, we should question ourselves the following questions:

  • how can we introduce ourselves as Cha Ren (茶人, Tea Person) if we fail to emphasis the importance of Professionalism, Ethics, Honesty, Integrity and Morals?
  • Often I received question about the Tea Art training program from tea sommeliers.  Perhaps it sounds hard but here I have question to tea sommeliers: How can we introduce ourselves as Tea Sommelier if we only focus on the presentation of tea (茶藝 Cha Yi) without solid knowledge, missing the continuous learning attitude and basic respect towards to pure and authentic quality in flavor and taste, and Nature; without the basic understanding and respect what Professionalism, Ethics, Honesty, Integrity and Morals?