Lots of unexpected challenges, Up’s & Down’s and changes happened in life that oftenneed us to make a choice for decision that we can’t choose to want or not to want because  the only choice we have is how to face and manage it.

When facing unbearable stress and pain, we often have to bit our lips and the only choice is to try harder, harder and harder.

It does not matter how strong we think we are, there will be time when we feel tire and weary,  the most unbearable in life would be the emptiness in heart.

When facing strong fist, need to learn how to protect self by  keeping head down and yield whether we like it or not.

Regardless the weight on shoulders, the only thing we can do is to keep the back straight, head up and move further.

Have been through many speechless chaotic changes in life, one valuable lesson is what can’t knock me down but only make me stronger and keep me calm.

Finally I realize,  the most proactive way to handle unexpected problems starts from accepting but not avoiding.

I am who I am that not need to live my life by expecting other’s appraisal

Criticism behind my back can’t be avoided, the only choice I have is to accept without complaining

Before knowing others must first trying to understand self

Before criticizing others must first examining self through and through

Before putting blames on others must first questioning own innocence.

Instead of thinking how to settle conflicts with others, first trying to manage self

Whether others know or understand me, I don’t ask; because nothing can be kept for long by asking.


When the air is getting too heavy to bear, there is no better way than standing still and face the breeze with smile.

Even if the road is heard, still need to move forwards and path the way myself;

Even though often feel as if walking against the strong breeze and storm, but still it is the journey that I must manage myself.

Whether to taste a cup of tea when it’s warm or cold, that’s a simple choice that one must accept the taste without judging or complaining

Making a choice for a cup of tea can be so easy and simple, isn’t it we can also try to adapt the same to life?

After being through so many chaotic changes, warm and cold in life, the most valuable lesson is to accept, at the end can still stand straight with a smile.

Good days are fine but bad days provide more priceless lessons in life

To have is fine, not to have is also nothing no regret for because nothing is more important than peace in mind

Nuttiness, in one hand can be seen as a very generous attitude towards life, but on the other hand, it can also be translated as a selective passivism.

Passive but not withdrawing.

In this selective passivism requires proactive approach to confront and handling but not avoiding.

So what is the meaning in life and how to manage it? It is more or less a choice in life.

We all have different attitude towards life and there is no right or wrong

For me, life is but a simple choice of how to live with a peaceful mind.