We all concern about the global warming, we all are affected by the climate change. But can we recognize that we are responsible for the climate change?  Perhaps it is not yet too late if we could start to take actions together.   We all want peace and harmony, but it’s us who tolerate the world super powers to sell weapons and to accelerate conflicts and wars, because the only thing they care is how can they make themselves great and profit from conflicts but not peace.
They said they care about climate and us, but how much actions have we actually saw from them?  Some do, some not; in short, it’s simply not enough.  On the other hand, how much actions we are committed to the protection of the environment and communities around us? 
There are several reasons to motivate me to the promotion of authentic quality tea and Chinese tea culture since 1995, the most profound motivation  is because of my fundamental belief in “Ecological Balance and Eco-Life Style” to the health in body and mind.
We can easily start to act together by supporting authentic pure quality tea. Reasons:
  1. Instead of using 1 bag of low quality tea per cup, 4-6 bags per day;  do you know you can easily enjoy 4-6 cups (or even more, subject to the quality) with fine flavours and tastes from 3-5gms of good quality loose leaf tea per day?
  2. Do you know you can recycle the left over as natural fertilizer to your garden or plants?  Even if you wanted to throw it away afterwards, it will become very good natural compose
  3. The more we support for eco-quality tea, the more we can motivate the growing regions to do the right things to maintain the ecological balanced environment correctly.  We don’t have budget to pay for the “Fair Trade” logo, we simply do with the growing regions and farmers. 
Of course, I absolutely support and endorse recent protests for climate change, instead of   #scientists4climate I think we perhaps should change the slogan to #we4climate instead of hoping efforts from scientists.  Instead of speaking about our concerns, we should demonstrate our determination and courage by challenging ourselves if we would willing to change our life style but not just hoping others to change for us?
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