Who do no like good meal, fine drink and party in this holiday season?  Here are few useful tips for tea lovers:

  1. Wash tea ware every time after being used. Can consider to use either pre-heated vinegar or soda to remove nasty tea stains when necessary
  2. Avoid drinking too hot tea because the temperature that the swallow pipeline can tolerate is between 50-60℃
  3. when tea gets cold, the continued oxidation with air may generate lots of oxalate. Excessive oxalate might increase the risk of kidney stones to some people, according to the research
  4.  Some people misunderstand drinking tea can dissolve alcohol, actually it increases work load to liver. Advise not to flush alcohol with tea after meal, especially if have dronk wine or liquor; it is better to take time to enjoy some desserts or have some acidic fruits or juice;otherwise have some water before drinking tea.
  5. Avoid to pair tea with crabs. Suggest to give 2-3 hours time gap after eating crabs.

copyrighted Mei Lan Hsiao, Belgium Chinese Tea Arts Centre, 2/2/2019