Wild tea trees grow quietly in forests, covered by very thick layers of moss, flowers, grass and plants, they live together with plenty insects, birds, small and large sized animals.

The naturally restraint order in the natural environment does exist, but that does not stop the peace and harmony coexist, actually the vase diversity complete the beauty of wonder in the Nature.

We all think we love tea and love the Nature, but in the reality how often we can really come across with differences and are willing and able to collaborate with each others?  If tea trees could coexist in the Nature with plenty of plants, insects and animals then why we couldn’t?

It is said the worst enemies are not others but own egoism and fragile pride. The best teacher is the clarity in consciousness and in heart. Belgium Chinese Tea Culture Association is proudly commissioned by CTPFA as Belgium Exchange Centre for Chinese tea and tea culture.

Our mission is to promote authentic knowledge and wisdom in Chinese tea culture and we are interesting to collaborate with individuals and associations who share the same passion for tea.

For more information, please contact Mei Lan Hsiao directly.