Ancient tea trees in Yunnan give flowers in the winter time

I love tea and for my own health I pay extra attention on best practice in quality assurance.

1. The first thing on my list is pesticides, since in EU we have very high pesticides tolerance standards. It is not whether tea farmers are using pesticides or not, it is about which type of pesticides they use and how do they use it. The worst situation would be excessive use of chemical pesticides.
2. The 2nd thing on my list will be what would the continue worsen pollution problems might affect the air and water quality.
We can control the use of pesticides, but what we are not able to block is what if we couldn’t stop the continuous worsen of air pollution might affect to the water quality and contemination to soil.
How to reduce the worsen of pollution, that is something let’s hope it is not yet too late to act together by changing our life style and preserve the Nature.
I truly believe when we are willing to show our respect to the Mother Nature and our love to tea tree growing environment and conditions, plus the human efforts to follow the wisdom in tea production, then we can enjoy the love from tea from every cup.