It was a great pleasure meeting an old friend, Staf Daems, who is a Belgian Japanese Tea Master I heartedly respect in the Japanese garden yesterday.
During the conversation, Staf also agreed with me that tea learning does not and shouldn’t be limited to the learning of tea or how to whisk or brew a cup of tea only. Tea provides us much more to learn and requires us to deeper and to shape our learning attitude towards the Nature, the Inner Self, Philosophies and Wisdom of life, the Essence of living based on morals starting from Honesty and Respect…. Tea is not just what to drink, it teaches us how to live.  
Talking is easy but how to implement these learning and disciplines in life are challenging, especially today.
shakespeare wrote “To be or not to be is not a question”, with tea we learn
To learn or not to learn, just submit to the learning
To do or not to do, just do
Who are you and what are in your heart when facing tea, when handling tea? These are questions. 
When we share, we receive
When we teach, we learn
When we learn, we grow
Life is an endless learning but no score can measure the achievement; sooner or later we are all going to face the ‘final exam’, so what say you before that date?
People like Staf and I who devote our passion in life to tea and tea culture probably will never become wealthy or even famous on the media because we simply focus what we should do and try to it well;  the richness and happiness in heart by submitting to the leaning of life through tea are our best rewards.
Being able to enjoy a cup of pure quality tea, having a true partner and few good tea friends and having peace by enjoying simplicity in life.  How can our life be bore or poor?
Have a cup of tea.