Professor Liu Zhong-Hua from Hunan Agriculture University gave A presentation in the T20 Tea Conference on 17/05/2019 about tge discovery of new substance, MAF – Mitochondria activation factor, a high-molecular-weight polyphenol, that can enhance the strength of muscle and other health benefits.


According to the research, MAF also has significant effects on reducing  blood sugar, hypolipidemic, aids weight lose , prevent muscle atrophy. These are very good news for people, particular elderly, who gradually lose the strength or tone of muscles.

According to their research 1-2% MAF are found from semi- to full fermented teas, such as #Oolong and #Blacktea.

They will continue the research by cooperating Japanese research institutes. No matter what this discovery laid a important milestone for health research on fermented tea (black tea), semi-fermented tea (Oolong)and post-fermented tea (Dark Tea).