Preparing a cup of tea seems very simple and easy, all you need are tea (either tea bag or loose leaf), water and teaware (either tea pot with cup or a simple glass or mok), but how truly how many people really know how to brew tea that can serve their needs for health?

Internet opens a lot of interesting channels and opportunities for self-learning of tea ceremony, either Chinese or Japanese and people like to talk about Zen in tea.  But what exactly is Zen in tea?  Can copying movements and enjoy a tea moment be considered as the moment of Zen already?

Either about learning tea or tea ceremony, regardless which one you are interested in China or Japan, the first step and the most crutial learning point is “MORALITY”.

Some probably think lightly about the learning of tea and practice of tea ceremony, because how complicate would it be with tea and water?  but how to comprehend and able to deepen the learning, one must first learn how to match and to present a harmony taste.

It’s like before learn how to run, one must first learn how to stand and walk.