http___mmbiz-qpic-cn_mmbiz_gpkiczs0pqaxba2gcetd4wwcviukyxwrbuiuibrllicm5qftrkxx0g419sa6kia4dceldurapbt4d0sc7w9wywgrq_0wx_fmtjpeg-jpegWe come from different cultural environment

We grow up with different upbringing

We started our journey in life from different angels

We have been through different experience in life

We have difference preferences in life

We hold different dreams in our heart23m_2677


Indeed it seems there are  many differences between us,

But….. however, here comes the greatest BUT …..

We share the same passion to learn more about ourselves and life through the learning from pure, authentic quality tea.

With Tea We Share The Same Heart” – this is the motto when I started the efforts in tea teaching and promoting pure and authentic flavor and taste in tea since 1995.  Now with the structure of Belgium Chinese Tea Arts Centre, with the collective cooperation among tea sommeliers, we are more determined than ever that Belgium Chinese Tea Arts Centre will remain as a learning centre that we focus on pure, authentic quality in tea and Chinese tea culture, so we can share more authentic and correct knowledge, of course plus fine flavor and taste, with those who share the same beliefs and passion.

—- Mei Lan Hsiao  26/11/2016 —