The original meaning of Wu-Wo 無我 meant to vent the self-ego, therefore, the appropriate translation of this look-as-if simple but actually is very deep and complex wisdom that respect highly in Buddhism and Daoism. One who tries to understand it would understand it looks simple but actually requires a lot of disciplines, learning and practices in life.

How to translate such complex wisdom in simple words is not an easy task. In case much translate it into other languages, personally will choose to use :

“Venting Self” in English
“Sans Moi” in French
“Zonder Mij” in Dutch

Of coruse, Wu-Wo 無我 is still my personal preference, because there are much richer and deeper wisdom from Chinese traditional Taoism, Buddhism and teachings from Confuscianism for us to learn how to make this world a better place.

Before either organizing or participating such tea gathering event, participants should understand the necessarity of attending series of workshops before can possibly enjoy a peaceful zen moment in an opened environment.

Please consult Mei Lan Hsiao for more practical information and advise