Even though her family has nothing to do with tea, but she learnt the importance of consuming tea correctly in daily health diet based on the Chinese traditional medicine principles, the essence of keeping a well balance and appropriate adaptation based on Yin-Yang and 5 elements from her mother when she was very young.

She entered the tea learning in Taiwan since 1985, left her root because of marriage in 1991 was a hard emotional decision but that helped her to expand her learning horizon in tea and Chinese tea culture from original limited inward-outbound one-direction view to 360 degree.

She started to promote the authentic knowledge about tea and wisdom in Chinese tea culture in Belgium since 1995.  Efforts in promoting tea and Chinese tea culture helped her to strengthen her roots for humane. Based on her observation and experience in Europe, she deeply realizes tea is speechless and often being misunderstood or misused because of wrong information and/or interpretation if people have no chance to understand its authentic flavor and taste.  Her life time mission now is to speak for tea, to share more authentic knowledge about quality and pure taste.

She earned the title of “Tea Master” through recognitions from other well known experts in tea and Chinese tea culture from China and Taiwan.  This title does not limit to the meaning of who she is but aggrevates her recognition of her responsibility to promote tea and Chinese tea culture in more serious manners further.  Their recognition also urges her to keep her head down to focus on tea and deepen the learning in tea and Chinese traditional wisdom for health and life through tea.

Tea has always been and will continue be her best teacher. In front of Nature and Tea, she remains as an innocent child, a life-time student.