I am grateful everyday and every time when I have a cup of tea. Because, it is not about how much fun of spending time,.money and efforts that I have devoted to tea and Chinese tea culture, it is how tea and wisdom in Chinese tea culture transformed me to become a better person.
Everytime I look down to tea in the cup, I see not only my self-consciousness, but also love and wisdom from my parents, and I see those hard working people who do their best to preserve the balance in the Nature and doing their best to continue the most valuable Chinese culture – #Humane and #Harmony,
In life, it is not those happy moment and cheerful memories complete me, but it is how those painful experiences and people hurted me helped to shape me; and tea supported me to reconnect myself in every down curve.  In short, you can say, it’s tea that completes me. 
I can’t stop the time, but in tea, I remain as a forever young and innocent child.