What is Cha Dao, the way of tea? What does the way of tea means in life?
In general, what people observe are complex processes that have been emphasised over years from people before us to practice in tea ceremony.
But does that mean one is able to comprehend the philosophical teaching behind each step? Does that mean one really understand what tea is and what to learn from tea through the practice of tea ceremony?
There is no right or wrong in answer, because it ups to each individual to make her/his own choice based on the individual enlightenment.
Nevertheless, it is important for those who would like to deepen learning in life through tea to face her/his own self and asks the following question, which is more important?
The complex procedures in tea ceremony?
The pure quality, authentic flavors and tastes of tea?
The mind set and intention of the present moment?
or, is it about how to embed heart in tea?
or, understand how the flavours and taste reflect in tea is heart?
Mei Lan Hsiao, Antwerp/Belgium,  26/11/2018