No man or no power can ever turn the last second backwards, so as to history.

The past pages have already passed, there is no way to redo, just like nothing can turn the wind backwards, river water flows can never reflow.  No matter what kind of feeling you have,  love, complaints, joy, sorrow or hate will disappear.

Fate comes and there will be a day for disappearing;

the circle of relationship is formed and there are reasons for its broken up;

the rise and fall of fate is just like sun rise and sun set.

It is like a cup of cold tea, it can be warmed up but cann’t retrieve the fine flavors and taste, moments of having fun with friends have already gone that cann’t be recalled.  All became memories.

There are plenty priceless learnings from the history when we are willing to learn with an opened mind.  Want to profit from those learnings can be easy, all we need to is to learn facing history honestly, learn to accept with an innocent and joyful heart, able to adhere to continuous learning without complaints, no anger, no guilt or hate. Learn to respect from heart and able to get rid of greediness, keep head down and focus, the light of wisdom would shine without asking.

Asking why won’t help, why not simply learn to accept and adapt to the change?

When consciously aware the rising of distinguishing mind, it’s time to enhance the self-discipline.