It is delightful to read different opinions about tea tree cultivar on various social media.

As matter of fact, there are lots of unique varieties in tea trees, growing environment and climate factors around the world today.   It is not only hard but also not fair to compare or to say which one is more superior than the others, because It does not matter what, the most important criteria are:

  1. How tea plantation was managed? because all tiny details about how tea trees are taken care and maintain can influence the health of  tea trees which could eventually also influence the taste.
  2. How manufacturing processes being managed? This is extremely important to tea that requires complex oxidation, fermentation, rolling and roasting processes. In front of nature and Mother Earth, it does not matter how smart we think we are, we all have to learn how to emerge and show respect.   

Furthermore, there is another question for us to question ourselves is :

When we receive the tea, how much do we really understand and respect the natural characters of that particular harvest of that particular season from that particular region? How can we can brew a cup of tasty tea based on our understanding.