Life can be simple and yet it is much more complex than what we could imaging when we were young and confident. At the first, we thought we knew everything and we were ready for all challenges, then the life gave us priceless lessons, some are good and some are painful, that we probably only knew some dots that we thought we know but without the full picture.

The clock is clicking, soon we realize we can not stop the time in life, but we can decide how to live by accepting and tolerating。

We can not redo what have already passed just like we can not rewarm he flavors and tastes of tea when the tea gets old. Fine quality tea offers fine natueal and complex flavours and tastes, it is better to enjoy it in time when still is warm。Because you can never have the same flavours and tastes after it gets old。

In life, we want plenty but actually what we really need are few. We probably have many acquaintances but only few friends.

Understanding from others are not something you can expect without efforts from self。

Respect is not what you can demand without showing respect to others and self first。 Respect is not something you can demand but have to think how to win without impulsiveness.

Inner peace is a process that one must learns how to manage him/herself from within。

The life journey is as brewing a cup of tea, there are many possibilities that each has to learn how to manage through life-time learning.