We can think and talk a lot about the importance of enlightenment or finding Tao in life, we can talk about how important it is to live in ecological way or what kind of benefits we can get from mediation and/or relaxation…… Yes, we can talk a lot of wisdom and to share many clever ideas, but at end it all goes back to a simple question of are we really managing our daily life by  respecting the ecology in the nature balance and harmony?

An astonishing film that urges us to rethink our life style. Please share it with your family and friends.  We can be different in many aspects but we share the same planet and life together.  It’s not yet too late for us to wake up and cooperate with each other to save the planet not only for ourselves but for our children and generations after that by taking actions together .


We are the one who are killing the planet, how can we deny our responsibilities further? Indeed talking is important, please spread the message and let’s live by example. Give our future a chance.