Accompanied Ivo to Volvo garage for testing drive where I was delightfully able to have a cup of tea from a German tea company. Among flavored infusion teas, of course I chose the Long Jing (Green Dragon, Lung Ching), which marked as Chinese green tea from Spring.

The German tea company suggest infusion time almost 5 minutes according to the drawing.

The water temperature in the garage was pretty low, with the first tea bag, I tried 1 minute, and as have expected flavors were weak and the taste was pretty flat. With the 2nd tea bag, I increased the steeping time to 2 minutes. Because the,water temperature was too low so flavors stayed weak, even though the taste was a little bit stronger, but still not significant enough.

So I took few tea bag home for further evaluation.

Hope descriptions on each photo is able to give you a better idea about the tea evaluation tonight.

One common sense about Chinese SPeciality Green Tea, the market value for Spring harvests is high, nomally are picked by hands and quality classification is very high in flavors and tastes. So, basic questions for this tea bag will be exactly from where and in which season.