Here is a message to my children, GuangYi (光義) and GuangRen (光仁):
When you become adult, don’t expect others to take responsibility for you or to protect you. As mother, I care and worry about you, because I am your mother; but there is nothing I can help you to achieve things in your life. Because it’s your journey that you have to manage how to move forwards on the path yourself.
Don’t expect respect from others, you need to earn it.
God only helps those who help themselves ! There are certain protocols in life because we all want to benefit from Laws and Order. In this case, then we all have to respect our social responsibilities before claiming rights.
It is your life, it is up to you to take your own actions and responsibilities honestly and seriously.
In different stage in life, you will make plans for achievements and you should do your best to achieve the best results at work, but you have to prepare to deal with surprises in life, because not everything is tangible and can be analysed and/or calculated.
One thing is sure, when you sit and wait, nothing will come.
When you can’t change the second before now, don’t expect by knowing the past can help you to solve problems today. Where to go and what to achieve in the future, it depends how you manage this moment, now.
Being able to do the calculation and to take advantages from others won’t make you smart. To take won’t make you rich, only when you share, can.
What comes around, goes around. Whether you believe it or not, there is a circle of life. We all will face our own respective destiny one day, sooner or later; time is tic-tac, won’t stand still and it is limited. It is better learn to take our own responsibilities and act cautiously with sincerity, honesty, calm and peace.