Basic quality parameters has no cultural differences, it goes back to the basic :

  1. how tea garden is managed
  2. type of tea tree
  3. the health condition of tea tree
  4. tea picking
  5. tea processing and post processing

…………….. once tea is available, then we must examine our own actions:

  1. how much do I know about tea?
  2. do I know what and how to choose to drink?
  3. how much do I really know and respect  tea?
  4. do I know how to bring out the best characters from tea during the brewing?
  5. how much can I distinguish the quality  and the pure and authentic flavour and taste?

Last but at least, we must question ourselves : what do we really learn from tea? It depends on our learning attitude.

Not only in European market but also in the rest of the world today, let’s face it the market is dominated by aromatic flavored tea for simple reasons:

  1. How much tea importers/traders really know and love tea before the attraction of  ‘$$$”?
  2. Many only interest in “buying low, selling high”,
  3. There are still too much ‘funny’ stories about tea published in various media today
  4. There are still too much consumers don’t have the correct knowledge and information about tea