Wind passes without leaving a trace and time won’t stop. 

The parents are growing older every minute with your growing;  

don’t wait too long to show your gratitude to your loving parents. because time won’t wait. 

15 August is the “Mother Day” in Antwerp.P_20151210_210617

Sharing a moment and serving a cup of tea to your mother is the most inexpensive and priceless gift to show your forever gratitude.

As a migrant to Belgium because of marriage, Mei Lan left her most dearest parent behind.  She chooses to show her gratitude and love to her mother and father by honoring the fundamental Chinese traditional moral teaching – 孝 (Xiao) filial – that she learnt from her parent in the childhood upbringing by sharing the wisdom from the Chinese traditional tea ceremony with Belgian and/or international children (young and/or old) with their parents.

Children at different age learn how to show their gratitude and love to their mother (or father) with a cup of tea.  Feel the flow of love without speaking a word.

“Thank you, mother” Chinese tea ceremony 2016 

Date: 14/8/2016 (Sunday)

Time: 14:00 – 16:00

Location: @ The Park, Unitaslaan 84, 2100 Deurn

Price: 8EUR /pp

RSVP : Tel: 03 336 43 49  Email: