Tea is from nature, but quality tea does not come naturally.

Good quality tea requires tea farms who respect nature and good consciousness plus years of experience and diligent efforts from production Sifu (specialist);

if couldn’t smell the natural flavor and couldn’t taste the fine pure taste, even if could write a tea book, it’s nothing but just pile of words without soul.

When receiving a certificate or diploma, it only indicates what you have studied but not what you should achieve.  Don’t let egoism blocks your views, to slow you down.

It does not matter the difference in job title or from which industry, one must work his/her best to win trust and respect, because trust and respect based on their attitude and behaviours, and it won’t come for free.

When able to win trust and respect from others, the real challenge of how to maintain and to sustain begin.

Diligent is a important teaching from my father who constantly reminded me:

One can neither lazy nor arrogant

A construction takes hundred years and destruction only takes a minute.