Q: How long will it take to become a tea master?

A: I started to learn the importance of selecting tea and the relationship of tea in health with my mother when I was very young, and I only officially started to learn tea and Chinese tea culture in 1985. Today I am still learning and every cup inspires me.

Q: ???

A: It depends exactly what do you really want to learn and how much you think you have actually learned.

It’s easy to fall in love with tea, and it is easy to make a cup of tea. But once you start to learn and start to step into the door of tea, then you will soon realize there are much to learn, the width and depth are greater than what you can measure and accomplish.

Tea is not just a cup of tea, it is not just about learning the name of 6 type of tea and how to brew and/or to merchant. It is about learning the wisdom of Nature and tea, learning how to emerge with the true self and inner peace through a cup of tea. It is about learning how to sustain the right attitude in life. Starting from being truthful, honest and faithful with a child-like learning attitude.

The more I learned, the more I realize there are much to learn about tea and most importantly about me, myself, and life.

Tea master is not just a ‘job title’ but it’s about how I should continue to master the learning process with the right attitude, direction and devotion. It is not about being proud with the title, but it is about submitting to learning.

When you receive a certificate when completing the first basic module, it’s time for you to examine exactly how much you truly know. A piece of certificate is not an achievement award but just a PASSPORT for you to start the learning journey in life.

Q: When do you plan to retire?

A: The life is simply having too fun that keeps me moving forwards with cheerful attitude and healthy energy. Why bother to think of end line at the starting point?

Enjoy it and have a cup of tea !